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Surprising combinations

I have one especially week point when it comes to eating; cheese, biscuits and jams with a good class of red wine. I could literally only live with good combination of brie, fig jam and biscuits. Unfortunately in a long term this is not the best diet, so I have to keep myself in control and not eat these treats too often. But lucky me, the season of treats and sweets is now, so I can spend evening or two with my favorite treats.

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Like said fig jam is probably my all time favorite, but this year I got the possibility to taste also some new surprising combination. My friend brought to one Christmas party these Nicolas Vahé confits and I have to say my traditional fig jam has got some serious competition.

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Nicolas Vahé is know from not only good tasting, but also very good looking products. These confits are a nice substitute for traditional jam as they are less sweet and more intense with flavor. I like how the traditional tastes have been taken into another lever by combining simple flavors with something little unusual. Who would thought that apricot can taste so good with garlic or fig with balsamico?

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I have to say we all should try more often new things and get positively surprised. So maybe next time with the cheese you try these, or some of the other amazing tastes there are available. And these would make also a pretty nice gift don`t you think? You can find these at least from the amazing Cobello, but for sure in other stores also.

Have a wonderful Sunday, it is snowing finally!


Green and rustic


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Our home is very simple when it comes to the colors. We have a lot white with shades of gray and would not want it any other way, as it is so dark here in the winter. I like to add seasonal colors all around the year to the interior but in a way that it is still looking harmonious. I usually do not like to add too much things in, but for sure Christmas is exception.  I could cover all the apartment with seasonal details, I just have to hold it down little as hubby is not so exited to live in winter wonder land.

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When the big elements have harmonious colors it is easy to add little contrast to the interior. I made to the living room table a small setting from few very simple elements. I love the contrast of fresh green and rustic pots in the white interior. I use these old pots quit often as they have nice old vibes and I like that all plants in the apartment have same style in the pots.

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What I did here is that I bought a small room pine and collected some moss from the forest near by. I also got one big white candle and some white simple decorations fitting to the theme. The end results I think is fresh, rustic, seasonal and same time so simply beautiful. And this setting cost me only the pine (local shop sold these with less than 5€) and a trip to the forest as I had everything else already. It is important to me to use the things I already have home, not always buy new seasonal things.

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// Olohuoneen pöydältä löytyy jouluinen asetelma – vihreää ja vanhaa kontrastiksi vaaleaan sisutukseemme.

Christmas DIY – Golden reindeer

I try to make every year the Christmas cards by myself, but I have been little lost this year. I have not find so many ideas I actually like and would be exited to do. I even thought this is the first year in long time I would have to go and buy the cards. I wanted something easy to do and nice looking, how hard can that be?

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Luckily I saw this picture in Pinterest and ended up in Daisy Dreaming blog. The original idea behind that picture was to create a Christmas wall art with golden glitter in a shape of a reindeer silhouette. My hubby was not so exited about the glitter but I wanted to use the idea for our cards so I ended up doing something similar but in a little less glittery way. I made cards with golden and silver reindeer silhouettes in three different backgrounds (black, gray and dark red) and typed the text by using Dymo machine. But as i liked the final “product” a lot I also made one wall art for us and wanted to shear the process with you. So here is a tutorial for golden reindeer silhouette art.  

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I had everything I needed already in home as I have been using gold and silver leaf sheets in other grafts also, but you can find it from several graft shops and from internet. It is not too expensive and you do not need a lot. So what you need is:

  • Your favorite reindeer silhouette printed from internet
  • Gold and/or silver leaf sheets
  • Leafing size (special glue for the sheets)
  • Brushes (for glue and the leafs)
  • Card for background
  • Dish for the glue

The process it self is actually very simple but takes little time as the glue has to dry before you can add the leafs. So you start by choosing one reindeer silhouette from internet and you print that and cut it. Do not choose one that has too many small details, it will not be easy to do it. Once you have the cut out silhouette you should draw it to the background paper. After that you start “painting” the picture with the glue and leave it to dry for some time. Remember to add the glue top of the lines you draw so they will be covered in the end. And then the fun part starts.

The leafs are super thin and stick easily when you touch it with the brush. Take small parts and add top of the glued parts with the brush. I made it in two parts but you can easily also first glue all the picture and then add the leafs. I just like to do it in two parts so I don`t have to be afraid that the glue will dry too much.

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Use the brush to add the leafs but also brush the small leaf pieces always after adding them so that the texture will become more “broken” and the leafs will stick evenly. Especially brush the edged as the leaf will not stay in the parts where you did not add clue and you will see the silhouette. When you are done just wipe with clean brush the dust away and leave to dry.

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I like a lot how it ended up, and I hope some of you can find the inspiration from this to a small Christmas arts (or also cards) DIY project. Simple and nice looking isn’t it?  If you end up using this idea please do not hesitate to tag me in your version (Instagram @laurat0n), I would love to see how it ended up.

// Jouluinen DIY projekti – kultainen lehtikulta silhuetti.