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Next adventure – The Netherlands

Hi there – long time no see! I have been fully booked the past weeks since I finally managed to make myself finish my masters thesis (graduating finally, jei) and started my internship. It has been crazy but luckily now it is getting more loose and I have again more time for blogging, friends and sports than in a long time. But before we get back to traveling, cooking and the usual stuff I need to share something truly exiting. I am moving to Netherlands end of August for few months!!


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Some weeks a go I got asked to apply for new specialization program, which is organized together with my university Haaga-Helia here in Finland and  NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in Netherlands. I got super exited, applied and got accepted to the program. Exiting!! It is new specialization program which started last autumn firs time, and we are going to be totally 15 students (5 from Finland and 10 from Netherlands) studying Hospitality Innovation and Imagineering for 6 months. We start the program in Breda and then continue 3 more months in Finland in the beginning of next year.


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So now I am organizing my life here in Finland in a way, that end of August I can move to Breda. I am super exited about the study program and the courses we are going to study, but also all the traveling possibilities there are in the autumn for me. Breda is in a perfect location in Europe, so I believe there is some serious traveling happening all autumn. At least many cities in Netherlands are on the list already, but also Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg are waiting me. I will be posting a lot about this new change in my life before and during the experience, and you can find all the post related to this easily under tags Netherlands and Breda.

Have a lovely weekend,