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Challenge yourself – treetop adventure

I love Finland in the summer time as there are so many amazing activities you can do. We have a lot beautiful forests here and many places now have treetop adventure areas, where you can challenge yourself and test your limits high above the ground. Yesterday I had a day off from work and spend thrilling afternoon with a friend at treetop adventure Huippu in Espoo.

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Huippu is a treeptop adventure area close to Helsinki in Espoo and there are eight high rope courses in the area. The courses are separated into four different levels according to difficulty and the courses take you to heights of between 20 and 60 feet above the forest floor. We did quit a many different courses during our visit but left out some of the most difficult ones. Just felt too scared, which is funny as you are safe all the time. But anyhow it was nice to test your limits and realize how you get more scared of these kind of things when you get older. I can assure you the children around the area did not seem to have any other feelings than excitement while going up and down.

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You are all the time secured when you are up and you have to wear a helmet. Towards the end I felt much more relaxed as the security system got more familiar, and I realized it takes actually quit a lot to fall. But it did not get boring towards the end, just more fun as you don`t use all the energy on being scared.

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There are so many different challenges up in the treetops and all the courses end up with a nice slide, which feels like you are flying. I liked that they have added very different obstacles, so it does not feel like repeating while you try many different courses. I definitely want to go again and challenge myself even more by trying the most difficult courses. And I don`t know about others who have done this kind of activities, but I can definitely feel it in my body today, so nice way of doing little sports!

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I hope to get more this kind of fun activities also later this summer – it feels good to challenge yourself! Have a nice day,


P.S Sorry for the quality of the photos, I did not have my camera with me as I did not feel safe to have it there in the up. Maybe time to consider buying a GoPro?

Flower diary

Hi there! I have been enjoying well deserved summer holiday the past one and half weeks. My original plan was to sleep long, do sports and blog, as the spring was so crazy and there was not too much time to do the things that I love. But like so many times, also now my plans changed and I ended up spending almost all of my holiday without computer and just relaxing. But I did have my camera with me when I visited my mother and her amazing garden. So here you are, flower diary from my mothers garden!

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Sadly my holiday is over and today I have to return to work. But it also means more normal schedule and I have finally time to blog so stay tuned, a lot nice things coming!