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Unplanned moments

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I love planning, but sadly I have learned this year, that often things do not go how you planned. This has not stopped me to plan things ahead, just I think that now a days I keep the plans I make more as a guide. I have example planned where I want to travel this autumn, but who knows what the autumn will bring in the end. While I have learned, that not everything goes like you plan, I have also learned this summer that the best moments many times are unplanned. Spontaneous moments, fast decisions which just feels good at that given moment.

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Last week I did one unplanned trip with a friend. It was a after work trip, and the only planning we did was checking the bus to the destination. Yeas, only to the destination, but not how to get back home. Smart and exiting. It was one of the best decisions in a long time, and totally unplanned. I ended up spending four hours laughing, talking, watching, listening,walking, eating  and relaxing. And all this 35 minutes away from the city, middle of amazing nature. When did you last time do something like this? And something like this without planning it?

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Ah, look the blueberries!! The forest was full of delicious berries, and I saw few people baskets full of chanterelles – so jealous!

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So where did we go? We went to the amazing Nuuksio National park. It was for me first time in the park even though I live so close to the park. Nuuksio national park is located in Uusimaa Region in the areas of Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti. The park are is 55 square kilometers and you can reach the park easily with car or bus. We took the bus and arrived in 35 minutes from Leppävaara to the Espoo part of the park. You can start also from other parts of the park, and example Haltia – the Finnish Nature center is one of the most popular places to start your trip in the national park.

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Even though the park is not that huge, it somehow keeps so many amazing things inside it. There are beautiful valleys, steep ravines, rocks, groves, swamps and over 80 lakes and ponds. Sometimes  I felt like I was in in the lakeside, the other moment it felt more like Lapland. (Well I have not been in Lapland but, that is how I imagine it to look with all the dry up trees and barren landscape). You can have your brake in one oft he cooking shelters and camping sites, but you can also just choose your own spot and spend your brake sitting in a rock or in the end of a pier like we did.

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In the park marked trails and nature trails are between 1.5 and 17 km long and they vary from easy to difficult. You can also do biking and horse riding in marked trails. All the trails are very well marked and you can easily follow the chosen trail. There are numerous nature trails so you easily end up walking double the length of your trail as you want to go and check the trails. Well, at least this is what happened to us. Just be careful where you step, we ended up getting our feet wet as we did a little detour around one small pond.

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Add a little color to your life – stepping around feels so much better with Nikes in bright pink!

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We had our brake in the end of pier. It could not have been spot for a small brake, eating small snack and enjoying the lake view. And there were also cute ducks swimming around, one even try to come ashore from the pier while we were sitting there.


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You can also do fishing in the park. It was nice to see how dad taught his  son. Small precious moments.

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Details about this travel tip

Nuuksio National park / Nuuksion kansallispuisto 

In the north of Ring III Road (Kehä III) in areas of Espoo, Vihti and Kirkkonummi.

Start example from Haltia – the Finnish Nature Center.

I hope you have had a relaxing weekend,


P.S How did we get home in the end without plan? Kind of hitchhiked our way back home..hups! Another unplanned moment and definitely worth the laugh we got afterwards.

Flower street Tallinn

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Hi there, if you don`t like flowers I would recommend you to skip this one. I visited the iconic flower street in Tallinn and this post is more than full of colorful pictures from there.  I absolutely love flowers and I think I have learn this from my mother, who is absolutely amazing with fresh flowers, plants and gardening. And actually my grandmother is also, so I believe that the love for flowers run in the family.

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In Tallinn before entering to the Old town from the gate of Viru street, you can spot the amazing colorful stands stacked with fresh flowers. The small flowers “shops” are open from early morning to the late evening year around. From the flower street you can find everything from classical red roses to the seasons most beautiful flowers and hand made bouquet arrangements. And the prices compered to Finland are cheap!

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I have bought from this street flowers to take with me back home, and to bring as a gift when visiting family members in Tallinn. The selection is breath taking and somehow when walking in the flower street it almost feels like time stops and all you see are these beautiful flowers and the amazing (how many time I have used this word already today, haha) colors. I would say that it is worth the visit even if you don`t want to buy flowers, as something this beautiful is never a bad idea.

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Sunflowers are in the season, so you can spot these huge yellow beauties from almost every stand in the street. Last I visited the flower street beginning of last month, when example peonies were in season, so of course there  were more those then. And like said, the prices are very competitive, as example peonies were around 6€ a piece in Finland, when they were same time in Tallinn 2-4 € piece.

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I always think about my grandfather when I see Gladiolus – they were his favorite flowers.

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Details about this travel tip

Viru Flower Stands // Viru kukka kojut 
Viru Street Gate // Virun portti
Mon – Fri 09:00 – 00:00, Sat – Sun 09:00 – late

Did you get your Friday flowers already?

Never stop exploring

Last week was definitely the best week of this summer. I did not plan it to be so full of amazing things, and probably that is why it ended up being so memorable. It almost felt like being in a holiday all week, even though I have been working a lot also. My camera has more than 800 photos from last week and I visited so many beautiful places here in Finland but also in Estonia. I have realized more and more every day that one should never stop exploring, even if you are in familiar places. Get lost and find something new, that is what I have been doing, and could not be happier about the life at the moment.

Before showing you in details all the amazing things I have been doing and seeing last week, I want to give you now a small sneak peak on what I have been doing. So stay tuned, a lot coming up!

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Last weeks first trip was on Wednesday to beautiful Vallisaari, which is an island in front of Helsinki. It was just recently opened to public after being closed for several years. I have to say I have always loved Suomenlinna, but Vallisaari definitely is my new favorite.

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On Thursday after work I took a bus with a friend and spend few hours walking in the Nuuksio national park. It is so nice that we have amazing nature and places without the city hassle so close to us.

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Friday after work I took a ferry to Tallinn and went to visit my grandmother for the weekend. I ended up doing many things I haven`t done in years there, or never before. It is nice that I have been traveling to Tallinn several times a year all my life, and still I can find new places to visit. Photo diary from  beautiful Tallinn coming later.

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The old town of Tallinn is so full of color that I could just walk hours and hours looking for all the details. I ended up collecting one nice colorful set of detail photos for you guys which I hope will give little joy to your day.

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If you have been reading my blog you for sure know how much I love flowers. Tallinn has amazing flower “market” and I will be telling you more about that iconic part of the city later.

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One thing I have not done before in Tallinn is climbing to the tower of St. Olaf`s church. So now it was time to do it and I can tell the view from 60 meter was breath taking. Definitely this will not be the last time I will visit that tower.

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Saturday in Tallinn I visited with my family members the Kadriorg Palace and the park arounf it. Kadriorg Palace is a Petrine Baroque palace built for Catherine I of Russia by Peter the Great and it has an art museum now inside. Sadly my camera run out of battery (bought extra battery straight after that), so I don`t have too many photos from it, but I think you will get a nice idea how it is.

Like said, never stop exploring and you can end up doing amazing things. This in mind I hope you have a nice end of the week, and stay tuned for all the stories coming up!