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Coconut deliciousness

Hoi! Here I am, happily for one week already in Netherlands. The days have been super full and finally it starts to feel that all the things you have to do in the beginning is done. Got example my self a bike today, yea!! I wanted to write a full post about first impressions and everything so far, but as there has not been time for taking nice photos, today I will share tip for a easy and fast dessert. So stay tuned, a lot  related to Netherlands coming soon!

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Sometimes you (well at least I do) get that sudden desire for something sweet. But I personally don`t want to eat a lot candy, or start baking something on those moments, so it is good to have few fast alternatives. And if you can have at least a little healthier alternative, what could be better? So today I want to share on of my new favorites – whipped coconut cream!

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Whipped coconut cream

Serves 2 // time 2h + 5 min. // dairy & gluten free


  • 2 dl coconut cream or (coconut milk)
  • Hint of ground vanilla
  • Cane sugar if wanted

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PLACE the coconut cream (or milk) in the refrigerator for at least two hours

POUR out all liquid there is left – in cream there is usually only little left, in the milk more

OOPS! It is highly important that you make the cream cold as possible and that you pour out all the extra liquid – otherwise whipping will may not work

POUR the cream in to a large bowl

WHIP until the cream start to get whipped cream a like

SEASON with ground vanilla and sugar if you want

WHIP until the texture is thick enough for you

SERVE with fresh berries and ENJOY!

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This cream has extremely strong taste of COCONUT as it is made solely from coconut. If you don`t like so strong coconut taste, try to mix this with normal whipped cream.  You can also use any seasonings – both these will cut the taste a little. For me the taste is perfect without anything extra, because when the taste is strong, only a little amount will be enough to satisfy my sweet-teeth. Coconut cream and milk are also quit rich with energy, so a little less is actually good when it comes to this deliciousness.

And you know what? This cream works perfectly also as a topping for cupcakes or any other dessert. So next time you need to have a dairy free topping try this one!

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Enjoy the last days of August!

Let the adventure begin


Hi there! While you are reading this, I am somewhere above Europe, because I am finally off to Netherlands!!!

The past few days have been crazy, but in the end I managed to take everything I need (for now at least) with me, and I am happily going towards new adventures. I will be returning to Finland next year, so until that I am located mainly in Breda. If you are curious to know more what is going on, where I am and what is happening, remember to follow me also on

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Every day, every night

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I remember this one day, when I was hanging out with my friends, and my mam called me. She told me to come home immediately, because there was something she needed me to know. That was the day when my parents told me my dad was sick. I cannot remember the moment they told me, but I remember when she called me, and I remember how after the big news I sat alone in my room and wondered why this happened. My dad was sick, and he would not get better. Only worse. That happened more than ten years a go.

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I remember I was wearing gray sweatpants the morning my mam called me. It was odd she called me so early Sunday morning. She told me to order a taxi and come immediately, your father is dead. After that she hung up the phone. I could not understand any of the words I just heard, so I called her back and asked what do you mean. She told me your dad is dead, order a taxi. The taxi driver was past middle aged man and I can still remember his face clearly. He tried to calm me down as I was going into panic, and he kept saying maybe it  is a misunderstanding. Are you sure he asked me. I cannot remember a lot after that. It was not a misunderstanding. I remember how he looked. I remember crying. And I remember collapsing to the floor. That happened two years a go.

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I knew all this would happen in the end, but even you think you are prepared, you never actually are. Dead is something we cannot fight against, something we just need to accept. I was always daddy`s little girl. I have so many good memories with him. I miss him every day, and so many times I have been wishing I could have him with me. But I also know is better this way. That sometimes is better to die, than suffer.

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Every day, every night
you will stay, in my heart