About me

My name is Laura, and I´m half-Finnish - half-Estonian girl going towards her thirties. After years of unsettled life, I have finally found myself a home from Helsinki, the capital city of the beautiful northern country called Finland. I have been privileged to grow up in a multi cultural family and travelled every since I was a little child. Maybe it is what has made me a wanderlust by heart? In 2011 I found myself living in Italy, 2016 in the Netherlands and who knows what the future will bring. 

I try my best to live the life to its fullest and keep the positive vibe with me. I am building better me every day and balancing in a world of deliciousness and healthy living. I love sports, but I love my sofa also. This is why you can find everything from super healthy to extremely opposite from my blog - it is how my life is built! By nature, I am extremely curious and lifelong learning drives me. I have ended up graduating a s a Master of Business Administration AND Bachelor of Hospitality management which I never ever planned to do. Now I am working with marketing and communications, but I still dream of studying: little more creativity, some graphic design and maybe even pedagogics.  

You should also know that the love of my life is my Kenwood kitchen machine, I cook so delicious food that my friends do not want to visit restaurants anymore and lastly, but definitely, not least it is good to know that I am also known as the crazy cake lady. 

So this blog is full of stories from my kitchen, trips and everyday moments. I want to share moments from my life so that I could bring the happiness and passion I feel in life to others also. For me, this is a way to be creative, inspire others and to show visually how I see the word.  I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do!

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