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I love, love, love coffee, and cannot imagine a day without a good cup of coffee. But I see that I am becoming harder to please when it comes to coffee. Maybe it is because those few extra good coffees are ricing the quality level super high, or maybe my taste has just evolved by time. Nevertheless, a simple filter coffee makes me more angry than satisfied, and if someone is offering me a coffee made from those tiny capsules I just don`t even know what to say. Luckily there are many other quality coffee lovers in this world, and I have found one place in Breda, from where you can get truly AMAZING coffee – SOWIESO.



Sowieso is the place where I had my first cup of coffee in the Netherlands, and I have to say, could not have had a better one! The double espresso I had that day, was absolutely delicious. From that moment I knew, that this is the place for quality coffee. The owner is one of the nicest entrepreneurs I have ever met, and he for sure makes everyone feel welcome. You can see that he really knows what he is talking about when it comes to coffee, but he also always takes his time to talk with the customers.



Mondays the coffeehouse is closed, as Mondays are reserved for excellent coffee beans and roasting. If you would like to enjoy good coffee also when you are home, don`t forget to buy some beans or ask the owner to grind some beans for you. It definitely makes your mornings much better when you can make your espresso from freshly grounded beans. And I have to say, the price is super reasonable if you compare it to coffee you buy from a supermarket. I personally love to spend more my money on products which I know is supporting young entrepreneurs and not multi-million companies. Or what you think?




Other than quality coffee, Sowieso also offers a wide range of other drinks and ALL DAY BREAKFAST, NAM!!! I love that the products are same time healthy and tasty, so just how I like everything I eat. The fresh juices are so refreshing and never have been disappointed with anything I ate there. They also organize every now and then cool events, like Vegan dinners and pancake Sunday. Nice addition I say!



And of course, I as a visual person love the beautiful layout!



The place has so many coffee related cool details, which you only see by going there often. I think every time I go I see a new detail, and how so many things are linked with coffee. And the green centrepiece is a super nice addition. Don`t forget to check the outdoor area also when the weather is good!





I love how you can choose to sit also on the sofa, as it feels like you are in someone’s living room and not at a coffeehouse at all!




I think it is always important to support your local partners, as you should not battle against others but try to work together in a way, that everyone wins. Cool idea to use one empty wall for posters tells your customers about local events. Makes you feel you really care about your city.



Where is your favourite coffeehouse?

Sowieso -Koffiebar
Nieuwstraat 46, Breda / Netherlands


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