Best soy caffè latte in town

I know, that my life is going good when the biggest thing making me angry is paying extra for plant-based milk in my caffè latte. Yeas, you heard me! I just cannot understand why I have to pay extra for plant-based milk in the year 2016. (Ok, I know from the industry point of view the costs, but still, camoon people!) I cannot use dairy products daily, so if I am not drinking espresso, I am ordering my cappuccino, caffè latte or caffè macchiato with plant-based milk whenever it is possible. And 99% of the time, I am paying extra for a decision which is important to my health.


So imagine the situation when you go to a nice looking cafe place, order a caffè latte with soy milk, and they tell you that you don`t have to pay extra for it. Yeas, I have found one of the only places in Breda, where you don`t have to pay extra for your milk choice. But the best is yet to come because this place also happens to serve the best damn soy milk caffè latte I have ever tasted in my life! And trust me, I have tasted many the past years. As a conclusion, we could say, that if I ever go missing, In Kannen & Kruiken is the place where you should start looking. And hey, if you don`t feel like looking a million photos of this amazing place, skip this one and come back later this week!

In Kannen & Kruiken is super lovely and cosy cafe place in the centre of Breda. I have spent there already many delicious moments with friends, and alone. The place is perfect for just a chill out moment with your friends, but perfect also for working. The wifi works smoothly and you can sit outside in the garden or choose a table inside. The menu is like made for me, and I cannot think anything I would not eat (or drink) there. And if you love breakfast as I do, this is your place! Talk about those french toasts or overnight outs, ou my. Even though the menu is filled with delicious and healthy choices, the prices will not kill your daily budget. I am so happy how good the price-quality balance is.

It should be now perfectly clear that the food, drinks and the place itself is fantastic. But I have to say that the service is also something why I want to go again and again to this place. The moment you walk in you feel welcome and you always leave with a smile on your face. I don`t remember too many places with a similar service level, and I can see that the people really enjoy their work. As a Finn, I have to say, that in the beginning, it was a little confusing, when you are noticed so many times during your stay, but now it just feels normal, something that should always happen. And I am not saying they are every five minutes asking how are you, they just make sure you have everything you need for a pleasant stay. A little extra smile never ruined a day, did it?

I have never been a huge fan of yellow but this place somehow makes me want to have one yellow detail in my home. And I love the wall full of cross-stitch art, funny!

How much I would pay for this cafe right now! I got food poisoning a few days ago, and haven`t drink cafe in four days. For a person who normally drinks 3-4 cups a day, it is devastating. Hahah, told you the life is going well as the problems are this huge. But maybe tomorrow finally a good cup of a cafe?

You can also come with your children, and be sure they are enjoying the stay also.

Enjoy the last days of September!

Veemarkstraat 45, Breda / Netherlands


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