Summer soup

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Probably in every country and every family, there are some nostalgic dishes, which bring memories to each and every one. This said, these dishes usually also split people into two: those who love it and those who hate it. In Finland, there are many these kind of dishes for sure, but one especially current at the moment is summer soup (kesäkeitto). This soup is made from the season’s fresh ingredients and even though you can make this soup year round, summer (just like it is stated already in the name) is the season for this soup. However, somehow this soup seems to split people, you hate it or you love it. And we all have some kind of a memory of this soup.

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My older brother told me, that this soup for him has always been just the same as the traditional salmon soup, just without fish. He even called it a “poor man’s soup” from the old days. But, then when talking with my little brother about this, I found out that he has no memories at all when it comes to this soup. That is probably because he is so young, and I do not believe they serve soup this anymore in the schools. When I talked about this soup at work, one older colleague told me to use the cream on the soup, and same time someone else told me only milk is good for the soup, as the cream makes it too heavy. Then there are friends who just can’t bear to even hear about this soup, and we could spend ages talking about seasoning, with or without peels and and and.. so this soup has a lot of opinions around it here in Finland.

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And what about me? Well, I just love summer soup! But after seeing my friends summer soup photo on Instagram, I realized I have never done this soup myself. I have been eating it many times, but somehow never ended up doing it. So I had to make my own version, and add one another opinion to the never-ending summer soup conversation. I used cream, but as I do not favour dairy products, I used oat cream. I also did not want to peel the vegetables as there are so many valuable vitamins just under the skins. And I used onion, which is not used in all the soups. I just happen to love spring onion and want to use it while it is still available.

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Summer soup

Serves 4 // Time 10 + 25 min.


  • 1,4 l water
  • 1 herb broth cube
  • 6 small summer potatoes
  • 4 summer carrots
  • 400 g cauliflower
  • 400 g fresh peas (400 g before peeling)
  • Stalks of one spring onion
  • 2 dl oat cream
  • hint of salt
  • 5-6 black peppers

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START by putting the water to boil and add one herb broth cube to the water

WASH all the vegetables, and do not peel the potatoes and carrots

CUT first the potatoes and carrots into thin slices

CUT the cauliflower into nice, but not too small, pieces

WHEN the water is boiling, add the vegetables and black peppers

WHILE the potatoes, carrot and cauliflowers are boiling, prepare the onion and peas

PEEL the peas and CUT the spring onion stalks

ADD them to the soup just before the soup is ready – it takes approximately 20 minutes for the other vegetables to be ready. We don`t want them to be over boiled and too soft.

ADD also the oat cream to the soup

BOIL another 5 minutes

TASTE and add a little salt if needed (depending on how salty the broth cube you use was)


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What is your opinion when it comes to summer soup?


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    Lovely photos again Laura! <3 I also like to add spinach leaves and fresh tomato slices into my version of this soup….yummy and healthy!

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