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Money well spend – museum card

This year I have visited already more museums in Helsinki than in the past few years together. I can’t say, that I have always been this interested in museums, but I have always enjoyed visiting them. Helsinki has so many museums and I feel like there is at the moment so many interesting exhibitions going on. But to be honest, even with the student discount it is not a very cheap hobby. A single visit can easily cost close to 15€, and even though I want to support culture, I just can’t afford to go several times a month to different exhibitions. Luckily there is nowadays a solution to this – museum card!


I can easily say, that this yellow card is the best purchase I have made this year. I paid 64,90€ for a 12-month subscription, and I can visit 230 different museums around Finland as many times I want. The only limitation is, that you can’t visit the same museum more than once a day. But camoon, why would I need to visit the same place twice a day? If single museum ticket cost 10 to 15 euros, the card has paid itself back after five-six visits. I keep wondering how they can keep the price to low, and same time I am happy that the price is kept accessible. If the card would cost example 200€ I don’t think I would have bought it that easily.



This is also a super nice gift idea, and we example bought this card for my brother last Christmas. I personally like to give more experiences than goods to people around me, and always try to think something we could do together. This card gives joy for a full year with little money, so win-win situation from my opinion. And it is not only art museums you can visit with it, there is so much more! I do believe that everyone can enjoy with this, and maybe even try something new they would not normally go and see. Or what you think about this concept?



// Tämän vuoden paras ostos on ehdottomasti ollut museokortti!

Creativity is a state of mind


For some reason, I have been very nervous to share this project here, as I haven´t done anything like this before. I do a lot of creative projects, and I share a lot my work, but somehow this one feels different. In general, I don’t think myself as a very artistic person, but I decided to give it a try. And why is that? Well, like many times in life, I had clear ideas for my art wall, but could not find what I was looking for. Now when I think about it, is not a huge surprise as I had specific size and color scheme in mind. I also wanted to test my creativity in a new way, and stop thinking that there is something I can´t do.



For my first painting, I used acrylic paints and I chose five basic colors, which I then mixed for more shades. This was my first work, so I did not want to spend money on super expensive paints, as I had no idea if I could create what I had in my mind.  I was trying to keep the overall feeling light, but also to create little depth with gray and gold. It is kind of taking all the colors I am using in my interior at the moment into one. I really like the end results, and have some more ideas I want to test out later.



I wanted to add this quote from Mary Lou Cook here, as it kind of makes it very clear to me, that this was truly a creative process. And that even if sometimes I feel I am not that creative I want to be, I can be if I just believe it. We should try more, test new things, not to be afraid to fail, try different things, take the risk and in the end, realize how much fun you can have. For me, creativity is a state of mind, and we all have it in us if we just give it a chance?


I would love to hear what you think about this? And also would you be interested to read more about creativity? I studied the topic a lot in the Netherlands, so I think have a word or two to say about it.


Rainy afternoon in Luxembourg


Finally the past days I have had time to start going through the photos I took during the autumn holiday we did with Lady A last month – there is almost 900 photos once again! So you can imagine it takes quite a lot time to go through them all, then edit the ones I want to use and last, but not least write stories around the photos. I hate when I cannot publish in real time the stories (or even in few days), I really need to start to think solutions to this. But better late than never, so I hope you are ready to some stories from Luxembourg and Antwerp the upcoming weeks. And as today is rainy day, I will start the stories from the rainy afternoon we spend in Luxembourg wondering around contemporary art museum MUDAM.



MUDAM was in so many ways a positive surprise. The building itself is interesting, as the architecture brings together modern elements in a environment which breaths nature and history. The way the different parts of the museum were used for the ongoing exhibition was creative (you will find surprising solutions) and same time it did not feel like the museum was crammed with art, even though there was so much to see. And as the different rooms are so spacious, it gives a perfect opportunity to show massive installations. The museums is in a walking distance from the historical center of Luxembourg, and definitely a must do thing if you like contemporary arts.




Delf – gas Cannisters



I had not done any research about the ongoing exhibition, so I basically had no expectations when we entered to the museum. Outside of the museum there was a huge advertisement about the Wim Delvoye exhibition, but to be honest, it did not look appealing at all. So we decided to go in for a quick look and then decide if enter or not – luckily we did! For the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the museum, Mudam invited Belgium artist Wim Delvoye to present his wide work from his 25 years of artistic production. Interestingly he also marked the museums opening 10 years a go, and has a strong relationship to Luxembourg. The exhibition is open till 8. of January 2017, and is accompanied by work of Cristina Lucas till 14. of May 2017.



I had not heard about Wim Delvoye before, and I have to say I think I will never forget his work. His work is so shameless and you are not sure if you should be looking away or stare. The topics are all appealing, and the amount of different techniques he uses is incredible. How can one master drawing, sculptures, photography, movies, painting and so many other interesting techniques? His work brings together art, popular culture, contemporary, old, new and everything between. And I felt that more you look the work he has done, read the description and then look again the work, more you see how deep the works actually go. Many times the work of Delvoye turns useful everyday objects into something that is carrying totally different value as a pieces of art. Delvoye describes his own approach to art as “local” and “global” so “glocal”.


Art Farm





MUDAM2016 (29 of 56).jpg


The Tyres of Delvoye are a play between craft and industry. Industry is aspiring to serial production with standardized products, craftsmanship creates uniqueness. Interestingly the artist had the tires made in China, so that the value of work can be discussed. These kind of  deeper ideologies, interesting materials and creating contrast can be see in many of his works. Just what I like in art – something deeper!



Stained Glass window







The cafeteria in the museum was breathtakingly beautiful! I got a little Scandinavian wibe from it, and it surely was beautiful place to drink you coffee. But after all morning traveling, and eating not too much, this was surely not the best place to have your afternoon brake foodwise. There is not too much selection and prices are ridiculous.


Cristina Lucas, Clockwise, installation, 360 CLOCKS, 2016.


Before entering the clockwise installation, you have to or take your shoes off, or use covers. The room is totally white, and you can definitely hear those 360 clocks. We kept wondering what if one starts to run out of battery, hahah!


A museum is a perfect entertainment on rainy days, and Modun definitely was a good one. Are you familiar with the work of Wim Delvoye?


Details of this museum adventure

Wim Delvoye exhibiton 
Mudam Luxembourg / 3, Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg

Open until 8 of January 2017