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Green and gold

Finally I have few details to share from my new home. It is starting to look more and more “ready” (can interior ever be ready btw?) and everything seems to find right place. I still have few things I have not found, and around million DIY projects going on, but I decided that I want to share few detail anyway. Like I told before here, my previous homes have been very different than this one, and gold has never been my color. So I have absolutely no idea how I ended up decorating with golden details this apartment, but I could not be happier about my decision.

I have tried to add golden details in small amounts to here and there, and one of the first things I bought was the golden basket from House Doctor you see in the photo above. I think I have to make a separated post about the brand, as they have so many beautiful things available. The white pineapple is a gift from a friend, and from H&M home collection. Some of you might remember my crazy addiction towards pineapples in home decor in my old blog, and I am happy I finally have one!


I absolutely love hat boxes, and storage in them so many things. I like the round shapes, and they give so much prettier look than normal boxes. This one I found from Stockmann, it is from Bigso box of Sweden. I am currently using this one for all gloves and hats, but I have few more full of candles, office assessors and other small things.


I actually asked only for one Christmas gift last year, a new carpet, and got it from my family. This is probably nothing new for most of you, as similar style has been dominating the interior blogs and magazines for a quite long time already. One could even say this is so last season, BUT I do not care! It was what I wanted, and I think it fits nicely to my home. This one is from Ellos, and called Zagora. I wanted this one as it is allergy friendly, so for my asthma it is perfect. For the summer I am hoping to fins something little lighter!


These crazy candle holders are for sure my favorite thing in my home, and I will be telling more about them later in separate post. They are too cool not to have their own moment, haha!


Addition to gold and gray, I have been trying to add a hint of blush pink. I made all the pillow covers myself, and found the pink fabric super cheap from sales.  I am just thinking now if I should get rid of the gray velvet ones, and add something lighter instead, what you think?


And then there is the green! Well I have super small studio apartment, and currently six, yes SIX plants. Haha, I am allergic to animals so I am making my self a crazy plant lady. But seriously talking, I think everyone should have plants in their home. They are so good for the air, and gives fresh and clean feeling. I also like the contrast with gray and white, just perfect combination. But you need to take good care about your plants, so I am writing a post about that as soon I have time to edit the photos for that story.


I had a talk about the amount of candle holders a girl needs. Well my friend Miss. V and I believe the amount is a lot! I am the kind of girl who had a huge box full of candle holder when unpacking all my things. Yeas, a full box, and I am not even shamed of it. The ones in the picture are my favorites, and I am using them almost every evening. Just imagine the amount of candles I use..I know! The glass ones are called Iittala kivi, a true classic from Finland,  and the other ones are from Granit.


So how do you like my green and gold details so far? After taking these photos a lot has changed already actually, and I can´t wait to be home in the day time the upcoming weekend, so I can make some new photos. And hey if there is something you would especially see/read about my home please let me know!

Have a nice evening,

Simply beautiful Easter table setting


easterTableSetting (4 of 23)Easter is just around the corner and I believe that the long weekend filled with good food and relaxing activities will come just in the right time for many of us. The spring somehow often feels so long when compared to autumn so I think it is good to have a little brake when waiting the summer to come. It has been so nice and sunny this week and I hope the good weather will continue also next week. Easter is also a good possibility to spend some time with family and friends as well as eat good food (and little too many chocolate eggs). I personally feel that the food taste even better when served from a beautiful table setting so I created one simple Easter table setting for the up coming holiday. And actually as it is so simple you could use the idea also later in the spring with the flowers, just then leave the feathers out!

easterTableSetting (3 of 23)

In this table setting I used few simple elements to bring the Easter feeling to otherwise very white setting. Yellow narcissus, white weathers and brown string is all you need to bring little something to the  setting without over doing it. I also used my marble eggcups and little more fancy classes to bring little festive feeling. I think the sheep skins in the chairs is also working well with this setting as it is still not that warm so it brings little softness.

easterTableSetting (6 of 23)

easterTableSetting (12 of 23)

The string is easy and cheap way to make napkin rings – someone told me that napkin rings are old fashioned but I still like them and it is easy way to play with a theme in table setting. The flowers give nice hint of color and can be later set in a vase. How you feel about napkin rings?

easterTableSetting (13 of 23)

easterTableSetting (14 of 23)

easterTableSetting (17 of 23)

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I made centerpiece from feather wreath I bought from sales few years a go and placed vase with narcissus in the middle. The plates are Arabia Lumi, wine classes classic Iittala Essence and the water classes are from Hobstar.  I use these dishes every day but they serve so well in more festive occasions also, just the way I like it – not too many different dishes!  And with white linen tablecloth and napkins you can never go wrong.

easterTableSetting (21 of 23)

easterTableSetting (23 of 23)

I hope you got at least little inspiration from the million photos here today (sorry I had little hard time to choose the best ones). How is the plans for Easter coming together for you?  Anything special planned?

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

eastereggs (10 of 16)

I think we can all agree that spring is finally here (we have been enjoying sun and +10 degrees here in Finland the past days) and next week it is time to celebrate Easter. I somehow love Easter a lot even though it is not that big and special holiday as example Christmas is. There is this super springy feeling around this holiday and it feel fresh with all the sun and colors after long dark winter. My family has basically only one Easter tradition and that is these amazing marble colored eggs I am showing you today. I have Estonian mother and I think she has brought this tradition with her and I remember doing these eggs so so many times with her. I also love how natural toned they are and to be honest, I would not feel comfortable to color eggs with anything else than natural ingredients when the idea is later to eat them. Do you color eggs?

eastereggs (2 of 16)

For these marble eggs you need to have

  • white eggs
  • onion skins
  • string

I used this time the skins from regular onions but you can also use skins from red onions. Just if you want to use both, so that you can get a nice mix of different tones, you need to boil them separately as the red is so strong color that it will ruin the brown ones. I have been taking the skins every year for free from supermarket as they anyway always throw them away. I think every year I get strange looks when I am picking only onion skins and then explaining to the cashier why I have them. Try to pic as big skins as possible so that the next part is easier for you.

eastereggs (3 of 16)

So how to do these eggs?

FIRST you need to take one egg and cover it gently with the onion skins. Use different pieces to cover the whole egg. It can feel difficult in the begging, just be gentle and patient – you will learn the tactic.

NEXT take the string and start to rotate the string around the egg. I do this quit many times, as you can see from the pictures, so that the “packaging” will become tight. Just be gentle, you don`t want to brake the egg.

WHEN you are done rotating the string close the ends of the string and repeat everything with the next egg.

BOIL the eggs in a bot full of water 5-7 minutes.

LET COOL down in a cold water

PEAL OFF the onion skins (I usually cut first the string little) and wash gently the eggs as the skins usually leave this sticky cover on them.

eastereggs (4 of 16)

eastereggs (6 of 16)

And here they are – marble colored eggs made only with natural ingredients. Each egg is little different and you never know how they will turn out. Sometimes some of the eggs get more even color, sometimes they are all so amazingly toned. They are also easy to make and totally eatable so you can make these example for Easter brunch. Simple and beautiful I would say!

eastereggs (16 of 16)

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eastereggs (14 of 16)

eastereggs (11 of 16)

Before Easter I will show simple Easter table setting idea and maybe few ideas for decorations. I don`t usually decorate a lot for Easter but I have few nice things from past years. So stay tuned if you need inspiration for Easter. Have a nice Wednesday,