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One can never have too many flowers

One very ordinary thing I love in life, is cleaning home just before the weekend, and buying fresh flowers to that clean home. Flowers are easy and, not that expensive way to give that little something to your home. I have been dreaming of having that one special flower shop, where I could go and be sure, that I get not only quality flowers, but also good service. Unfortunately I have been moving so much, that this dream has stayed as a dream for a long time. But as I am now staying more permanently in Helsinki, it was time to start looking for that “special one”.


I live quite close to the city center, and only few minutes walk away from my home there is old market hall Hakaniemen halli, and market square Hakaniemen tori. Earlier this week I was walking home, and took a shortcut across the square, which ended up being one of the best decisions this week. There was a flower stand full of beautiful flowers, and for a moment, it felt like I was in Breda again, and shopping in the market square. The man who owns the stand was super helpful, happy to share tips and helped me to choose the best flowers for my need. And the best part? Well, the prices were so much lower than in flower shops (I paid 15€ for all the flowers in these photos), and they had also flowers produced in Finland.



I think it is important to support small local businesses, and producers. I was so happy to find this flower stand, and get extremely good service. The owner told me they are working year around, and would happily order any seasonal flowers I would need in the future. For sure only after one visit I can tell, that I have found “the special one”, and I will be recommending him to all my friends in the area. I have been so happy every day now watching these beautiful flowers, and can´t wait to go flower shopping again.

There is no such thing as too many flowers right?



Have a lovely weekend!

Flower street Tallinn

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Hi there, if you don`t like flowers I would recommend you to skip this one. I visited the iconic flower street in Tallinn and this post is more than full of colorful pictures from there.  I absolutely love flowers and I think I have learn this from my mother, who is absolutely amazing with fresh flowers, plants and gardening. And actually my grandmother is also, so I believe that the love for flowers run in the family.

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In Tallinn before entering to the Old town from the gate of Viru street, you can spot the amazing colorful stands stacked with fresh flowers. The small flowers “shops” are open from early morning to the late evening year around. From the flower street you can find everything from classical red roses to the seasons most beautiful flowers and hand made bouquet arrangements. And the prices compered to Finland are cheap!

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I have bought from this street flowers to take with me back home, and to bring as a gift when visiting family members in Tallinn. The selection is breath taking and somehow when walking in the flower street it almost feels like time stops and all you see are these beautiful flowers and the amazing (how many time I have used this word already today, haha) colors. I would say that it is worth the visit even if you don`t want to buy flowers, as something this beautiful is never a bad idea.

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Sunflowers are in the season, so you can spot these huge yellow beauties from almost every stand in the street. Last I visited the flower street beginning of last month, when example peonies were in season, so of course there  were more those then. And like said, the prices are very competitive, as example peonies were around 6€ a piece in Finland, when they were same time in Tallinn 2-4 € piece.

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I always think about my grandfather when I see Gladiolus – they were his favorite flowers.

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Details about this travel tip

Viru Flower Stands // Viru kukka kojut 
Viru Street Gate // Virun portti
Mon – Fri 09:00 – 00:00, Sat – Sun 09:00 – late

Did you get your Friday flowers already?