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Colors of Amsterdam


I bought my first “real” camera just few weeks before I moved to Italy in 2011. Since that I have been taking photos weekly, and I think my photo collection currently has more than 50 000 photos. Crazy! After changing to smaller Olympus last summer, I have been taking more photos than ever as it is so easy to take everywhere with me. But the amount of photos also means that there is more editing. Anyone who takes more photos knows that editing is big part of the “job”, and can take so much more time, than taking those photos. So to be honest here, from my time in the Netherlands I still have hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of photos waiting editing. Sometimes I feel I should not even edit and post those “old” photos anymore, but there is so many stories still to tell. And that´s why last night I edited few sets and today I am taking you to colorful Amsterdam.



In the Netherlands I was living in Breda, which is about one hour from Amsterdam with train. Despite the short distance, I ended up visiting Amsterdam only three or four times I think. I am sometimes so sad about this, but same time I am happy I can go back there later and experience still a lot. For sure the best day spend in Amsterdam was with Miss V, who visited me in November. The day was sunny, not too cold, and we ended up seeing exactly that Amsterdam we all dream when scrolling photos around social media.




Saturdays (well truthfully all days) are crazy busy in Amsterdam, but if you leave the few main streets, you can actually enjoy your stay! We were mainly walking around beautiful Jordaan district which is packed with small boutiques, restaurants, cafés and interesting architecture. You can take those iconic canal photos and see locals living their every day life.




We did not have many “must see” places on our list for our day in Amsterdam, which ended up being a good solution. This way we did not have stress about visiting this and this and this place, and we could just wonder around. We found the most amazing Ramen restaurant, and I highly recommend you to go and try out Fou Fow ramen if you ever visit Amsterdam. We also visited the tulip shop, which is part of the Amsterdam tulip museum. Who know there is so many beautiful tulips in this world?? I wish one day I have my own garden and I can fill it with different tulips. Talk about life goals haha!



A little tip buy the way for you, who are dreaming the beautiful flower market in Amsterdam. The Dutch people take their flower business seriously, so always double check if taking photos is allowed, and be especially careful which flowers you can touch. Also do not hesitate to ask tips from the people selling the flowers, as they truly know everything about flowers, which bulbs you can take to your country, how to make them grow and how to take good care of them. But be also ready for surprises, as my mother who bought two different colors of amaryllis bulbs, ended up having two same colors. What a unfortunate disappointment, but can easily happen!



Amsterdam offers incredible amount of interesting museums, monuments and districts with different activities. I advice you to check the opening hours, but also the rush hours. It is not a joke when people say there is so much people in Amsterdam. Lines can be long, and you don´t want to end up waiting half of your visit. And if you want to do something iconic like the Anne Frank house, now a days you need to make a reservation well before your visit to be sure you get in, as it is so popular.



Just before going back home with Miss V, we visited the iconic Red lights district. You should go there late in the evening as the amount of time we walked around the area to see more than closed windows is somewhat hilarious, as we went there already around 8 pm. In this area you need to be ready to see, that nothing is left for you to only imagine. There are real ladies (and gentlemen) behind those windows, real people using the service and a lot confusing looking people (even families with children). It is one of those places you kind of want to watch, but same time feel stupid to stare half naked ladies. There is also a lot shops and museums, and you can even have guided tour around the area.




For these photos I used little different style for the editing, and would love to hear how you like this “little too much color” theme? Hope you have a nice Thursday!

52 weeks in Helsinki – Week 4 Talvipuutarha

I told Tuesday, that I am going to Tallinn for three days. Spending some quality time with my grandmother was exactly what I would have needed now. Instead I got the stupid flu, and had to stay home. Like usual, the situation makes me sad, but same time I have tried to find something good from it. I finally have some time for slow cooked food (who anyway has energy to cook when they are sick) and reading a book, which has been waiting untouched since Christmas. And to be honest, it is nice to be sick when you actually have time for that. I hate missing work and school, so better get better now, and then be over with this.



These photos I took already few weeks a go, when I visited Helsinki Winter garden first time. It was part of my 52 weeks in Helsinki “project”, and I actually visited the winter garden with a new friend, so a lot new happening that day! The place is perfect when the weather is bad, and it felt like a paradise for those few hours we spend there. There is actually another botanical garden in Helsinki, so maybe I should plan a visit there also, as I haven´t been there in years. Do you like these kind of places?














Hope you are having a better week than me with this flu. Now back to the sofa with hot cup of tea!

View from the top

These photos have been waiting in the draft box since last summer, and I thought today is finally perfect day to share these, as tomorrow I am heading to Tallinn. It has been way too long time since I have been there, and I am SO exited to see my grandmother after a long time. I absolutely love traveling and will definitely also take every opportunity there is to live abroad, but it is always hard to be far from your loved ones. Especially grandparents, as they are not anymore able to travel, so they cannot visit you when you are living far.

stolafschirch0716 (20 of 21)

stolafschirch0716 (3 of 21)

With these photos I am taking you back to sunny day in Tallinn last summer. Tallinn is like a home for me, and even I have been there so many times, I still keep finding places I have not visited before. And that is something that makes the city so interesting – you never get bored there! Last summer I visited Tallinn few times, and the first time in my life I climbing to the tower of St. Olaf`s church where these photos have been taken. The view from 60 meter was breath taking, and will sure visit the tower again one day.

stolafschirch0716 (8 of 21)

stolafschirch0716 (10 of 21)

St. Olaf’s church is the biggest medieval structure in Tallinn and I have always been told that in a clear weather you can see all the way to Helsinki from the top. Not so sure it is true, but who knows! The tower is almost 124 m high, but before you can see the amazing view, you need to climb 232 steps. And I can tell you, that tower is old, and not too much space in that tower, so if you have any signs of claustrophobia, this is not your place to be!

stolafschirch0716 (12 of 21)

stolafschirch0716 (13 of 21)


stolafschirch0716 (21 of 21)

This time I will be in Tallinn for three days, and the plan is to have no plans. I am taking camera with me, and I have few ideas where to go exploring, but let´s see. Like said, I have not seen my granny after last summer, so I want to spend time with her. But remember to follow me in Instagram, I´ll be posting to my story!