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Uusi sivu, uusi startti!

Hei Sinä – ihanaa että olet täällä! Blogini on tänään muuttanut uuteen osoitteeseen, saanut uuden ilmeen viime viikkojen aikana ja kirjoituskielikin on vaihtunut. Jännää! Päätin jo keväällä, että kun elämä muuttuu tasaisemmaksi, aloitan myös blogini osalta muutoksia, ja jatkan tätä hommaa aivan uudella tarmolla. Ja tässä sitä nyt ollaan. Eniten ehkä jännittää se, että kirjoitan jälleen suomeksi. Tuntuu, että kaikkien viimeisten vuosien jälkeen, kun elämä on kovin paljon pyörinyt englannin ympärillä, on oma kieleni ihan ruosteessa. Olkaa siis helliä, virheitä varmasti sattuu. Vähän kuten elämässäkin.


Tulen jatkamaan kirjoittamista vanhoista tutuista aiheista, aina resepteistä omiin pohdintoihini elämästä. Olen kuitenkin rakentanut nyt lisäksi oman sivun #helsinginhelmet -projektilleni. Se on ollut ystävieni huulilla pitkin kevättä, ja päätin, että on aika jakaa projektini kaikille, jotta muutkin pääsevät nauttimaan Helsingin helmistä. Suunnitelmissa on myös ammattiini liittyvä, markkinoinnin ympärillä pyörivä osio, joten katsotaan mitä kaikkea syksy vielä tuokaan tullessa.

Toivottavasti uusi ilme miellyttää silmää, ihanaa jatkaa tämän harrastuksen parissa!

New chapter in life

Hi you, how is everything? A lot has happened, and finally, I have time to get back on track with blogging. This spring has been crazy, and I have been working so much it does not make any sense. I started my last internship earlier this year and for financial reasons, I decided I will also keep my other job. When you add two jobs together, it suddenly came to 55 to 70 hour work weeks – what the hell! And top of that, I have been doing my last school projects, working with several projects and started to look for a new job. It has not been easy, but somehow I have managed to pull it all together. And I am so happy about all the work I have done, as Monday I´ll start a new chapter in my life.



So what is happening? My internship is done, and I can start to plan my graduation. I also resigned from my part-time job earlier this week, as on Monday I am starting a new full-time job matching my education. I couldn´t be happier and more excited about all this!! I started to look for a new job already some months ago, and I have to tell you, it has been so much more stressing and difficult I could have ever imagined. I will write more about this later, as I think it is a topic I have a lot to say. So from super busy schedule and crazy working hours, I will go to normal Monday to Friday job. Honestly, can´t even fully understand how much more time I will have in the future. Or will I?



I have been working with a crazy timetable the past million years. I started to work part-time already when I was in high school, and only when I have been living abroad, I have not worked. I always have so much what I want to do, but with the work-school combo there just hasn’t been enough time for everything. So you can imagine it is really a huge change for me to have all evenings, weekends and holidays free from now on. I have about million plans for all the extra free time, and I can already feel how good this change is. I have huge plans for my blog (big changes coming this summer), I hired a personal trainer (more about this later), there are so many travel plans, I want to improve so many skills and take some courses, I also want to finally finish DIY projects I have started earlier and there are so many books waiting for me and and and.. One could say hello and goodbye free time, haha!



Hope everything is fine with you, enjoy the last days of May!


// Uusi kappale elämässä alkaa N-Y-T!


My year 2016

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So the year 2016 has come to its end, finally! It has been a year full of all kind of emotions, and I can say that I am more than ready to start the next year. But before we turn the first page of 2017, I will go back to this year and see how it was.

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1.Where did you travel?

I traveled this year more than ever. I went to Italy in the beginning of the year and visited Padova, Firenze and Venice. In the summer I visited Tallinn few times, and then I moved for 4 months to the Netherlands. During the autumn I visited Luxembourg, Antwerp (few times) and Dusseldorf. And of course several cities in the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Breda, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Tilburg and and..

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2.Have you kept your new year’s resolutions?

I promised that in the year 2016 I would eat more veggies and less meat (kept this), do more yoga (kept this), read more in the evenings (still need to work this one) and learn more fluently Italian (gave up on this as my Italian life ended).

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3.What surprised you the most / what was most unexpected about this year?

I think I was most surprised this year about the fact, that everything can change so fast. I have to also say that I never expected to be single this year, not moving to Italy but instead to the Netherlands and mentally surviving from all the changes.

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4.Did you get new people into your life?

I got surprisingly many new people into my life, and I have a feeling that they are all staying for a long time. Of course during my stay in the Netherlands I met a lot new people, but I am happy to say, that I did get few good new friends also this year.

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5.Who was the number-one person you met this year?

This is hard one, as I actually met few people I could say to be number-one. But I want to mention my girls in the Netherlands (love you all) and my man friend, who in the end became only a friend, but taught me so much (thanks babe!).

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6.Did you loose people from your life?

I am happy to realize that this year I did not loose anyone, as during 2014-2015 I lost my grandmother, dog, dad and cousin.

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7.What single achievement are you most proud of?

Graduating from university, as I honestly thought I would not be able to do it. I am now master of business administration, and next summer I will graduate again, as I started to study my second degree before graduating from the first one. Crazy I know!

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8.What was the biggest disappointment?

I think my biggest disappointment this year has been my time management, as I ended up doing once again way too much school and work, which resulted having way too little time for resting and hobbies.  I have to say I am also disappointed  for not keeping all my plans I made, and changing them because of people around me. For this reason I example never got to go to Paris last week, and it makes me still sad.

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9.What experience would you love to do all over again?

Ou there is so much I could redo, but I think going to the Netherlands was the most amazing experience, and I could do it again any time!

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10.What purchase turned out to be the best decision ever?

My new camera! It has been giving me so much inspiration, and I have taken more photos than ever before. It was exactly what I thought it would be, and small enough to keep with me all the time. It has also inspired me to try more and I think blogging would not have been this nice without the new camera.

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11.Which day from the past year you will always remember?

The day I heard I will actually graduate, as my masters thesis was accepted with a good grade. I did not expect those news that day, and it came as total surprise. I think I smiled myself into sleep that night. And ou man, the moment when I told my grandmother that night, it will always stay in my mind!

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12.What one thing would you do differently and why?

Like mentioned in the questions about disappointment, I will say here also that I should have hold on more from my plans, and not change them because other people. And this is something I think I learned the hard way many times this year, so I think it will make the upcoming year(s) better when it comes to this topic.

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13.Where did you spend most of your money?

I think this year my money has been spend on traveling and food. I have been eating a lot out, traveling more than ever and used a lot organic products in my kitchen. But I don’t regret spending money to these things, and I think it will continue like this the coming year.

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14.Did you get ill or hurt?

When I compare this year to 2015, I have to say I have been healthier, but my asthma has been a huge pain in the ass this year. I have also realized how much my eating habits affect how I feel, so I think in the future I can be healthier, as I know what to control.

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15.What new habits did you cultivate?

Drawing, as I always thought I cannot draw. Somehow the courses in the Netherlands made me try, and test my creativity more. Still not that good, but at least now I am trying and improving my skills.

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16.What do you hope you would have done more?

First what comes to my mind is visiting more my relatives, especially my grandparents. They start to be quite old, so I am afraid we will not have too much time left together. I also hope I would have done more sports (well who doesn’t), read more books and give more time to write my blog. I really thought I would have a lot lot lot time in the Netherlands to write, but in the end I have no idea where did the time go. I have so many photos still to show and stories to tell.

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17.What do you hope you would have done less?

Spending time on people who did not deserve it. I have a bad habit not letting go, even if I know the other person does not deserve my attention anymore. I have spend so much time crying, worrying and over thinking this year that it makes my head hurt.

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18.What, or who, are you most thankful for?

My friends, who have supported me this year while I have been going through hard times. Especially my best friend who has never stop listening deserves the biggest thanks, as without you M. I could not have been able to get through this  year. I hope next year we can share more happy thinks, and less crying.

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19.What was your favorite tv-series this year?

I have to tell you that I actually watched Game of Thrones first time this year (yeas all the seasons), so for me it has been for sure the best tv-series this year. But if we talk about series which came out this year, then for sure The Crown.

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20.What was the best book you read?

This is a difficult one, as I realized I have not been reading too many books (sad), as I have been reading for school so much. But this summer I enjoyed reading Norma from Sofi Oksanen, and this autumn I have been re-reading Anne Franks diary.  I cannot wait my studies to be over, and having actually time to read a lot again.

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21.What made you truly exited this year?

The moment I knew I would spend my autumn in the Netherlands I think the life has been full of excitement. Moving to a new country, new people, traveling to new places, experiencing new things and studying new things – all this made me exited! And having my family visiting me in the Netherlands was especially exiting, as we have never traveled together.

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22.Which song will remind you year 2016?

Definitely Supergirl from Anna Naklab, featuring YOUNOTUS & Alle Farben. After everything that has happened to me this year (and the past few years ), I still keep smiling, moving on and never letting go. Because supergirls don’t cry, supergirls just fly.

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23.What was the favorite place you visited this year? 

I cannot pick only one for this, too many amazing places this year! Antwerp was for sure one of the nicest places I visited this year, and I hope to visit the city in the future again. Venice and Firenze are both my all time favorites, and I was happy to visit both of them again this year. The beach in Scheveningen and Moses Bridge in Halsteren are probably the most memorable places, and for that reason also one of my favorites. And of course Breda where I lived, that city is so lovely! Lastly but not least, I want to say also Helsinki, my hometown. It somehow showed me a totally new face this summer, and I realized how much I love that city.

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24.What did you want and you got it?

A new camera, as I had been dreaming about it for a long time. Luckily I did get some money as a graduation gift, and was able to buy a nice new camera. I have also dreamed of Pandora bracelet, which I also got this summer.

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25.What did you want, but you did not get it?

I don’t know what this could be, because I have got so much this year. Maybe some of the destinations I did not get to go, even I wanted? Example Paris and England, which both were on my original travel list for this year.

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26.Who did you miss?

My dad, and I think I missed him this year more than ever. My dad died 2014, but somehow only this year I have started to realize he is actually gone. I also think that having a big moment this summer with my graduation, made me really miss him, as I would have loved him to experience it with me.

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27.What did you do on your birthday and how old did you turn?

I turned 27 this year, and actually did not do anything special on my birthday now when I think about it. I remember going to a yoga class in the morning and I got plain tickets to Italy as a present.

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28.What kept you in the right mind?

The fact, that no matter what happens in life, it is not the end. Because I have learned, that things can go the worst possible way, and still things will get in the end better. And if not, then it is not the end right?

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29.What single thing could have made your year clearly better and happier?

Can I say doing sports more regularly? Because I think if I could have been able to do sports more regularly, I could have been feeling better mentally and physically. I know how much good impact sports have to everything, but still somehow this year I have not been able to keep up regularity like before.

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30.What new things did you discover about yourself?

I think the biggest thing has been the level of creativity, as I got a lot good feedback about this. I also discovered that having critical mind is not a bad thing, but I still need to work how I present my opinions. I have also learned how much there is to improve in me, and realized more which kind of life I want to have. I am also not as much a morning person as I thought I am.

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31.Which event in the world touched you most?

There has been so much happening in the world this year that I don’t even know how to pick one. So I have to say, that the fact how much bad thinks we can make to each other in this world has touched me the most. How is it that we keep hurting each other? I am also touched by the effort different people are doing to make things better, let’t keep doing the good, but also appreciate the different opinions. It is not that black & white as it sometimes may seem.

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32.What new did you learn?

This year I learned so much about creativity, and other important skills I will need in my future working life. I also learned to speak little Dutch, and so many things about the Dutch culture. Sadly I have also learned this year how different we all are, and that you cannot in the end trust anyone else but yourself. It has been sad to learn how bad people can be, and how fast things can change.


33.What was your biggest break-through moment career-wise?

All the new skills I have learned this year. I have made this year so many amazing projects, and I truly hope they will help me a lot in the future. I did example my first magazine article (idea,writing and photos),  and this autumn I worked with 3 challenging design projects. My internship in the spring was also a break-through moment, as it showed me the industry, but also gave idea how my skills are matching the tasks I want to do in the future.


34.What little things did you most enjoy during your day-to-day life?

My morning coffee, fresh flowers and cooking!


35.Was there anything you did for the very first time in your life this year?

A lot actually! I decided before the summer I should try more new things and that is exactly what I did. I tried this year for example treetop climbing, glow mini golf and stand up paddling, went on a blind date and tinder date, wrote my very first magazine article, had a night out with people I had never met before, took my first tattoo, and colored my hair dark after being blond all my life.


36.Did you fell in love this year?

Sadly no, this was the year when I fell out of love (if you can say it that way).


37.What cool things did you create this year?

The project I did for school were more than cool this year. I designed example something for a hotel, hospital and train station. And the magazine article I have mentioned million times, was also super cool project. Out of school all the project around my blog have been cool, and creating few amazing recipes this year is also something I am happy about.


38.How do you describe your style this year?

This year I have started to try more colors I think, at least the past months when it comes to clothes. Also I have been trying out more new things, and found more courage to dress the way I want, and not care what others think. When it comes to interior, I have nothing to say as I have lived this year in three temporary homes. But my mind has changed away from minimalist black&white style, and I think you will be surprised which kind of interior I am creating  to my new home.


39. What were your favorite foods / drinks this year?

It is hard to say one favorite food from this year, so I will say all the new veggie recipes I have tried. I have also made a lot pancakes this year, so it could be a favorite, and hummus with veggies sticks has been happening a lot. When it comes to drinks, coffee is still my all time favorite, but this year I have also learned to drink different beers, and learned that good gin&tonic is actually really good.


40.If the last year were a movie of your life, what would the genre be? Drama, romance, adventure, comedy, tragedy, or a combination?

A combination of drama, romance, adventure, comedy and tragedy for sure!


41.Was year 2016 in the end good or bad?

Despite all negative events I will say this was a good year. There was a lot bad happening not only to me, but also the people around me. It makes me sad how much bad has happened, but same time I think everything happens for a reason. So I think everything is just the way it should be, and this was year I experienced so much good between all the bad.


42.Compared to year 2015, are you:

  • more happy or unhappy: now in this moment definitely more happy.
  • thinner or fatter: sadly fatter, but you know, does it even matter in the end?
  • richer or poorer: I would say the same.


With this I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, make it a good one!