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Money well spend – museum card

This year I have visited already more museums in Helsinki than in the past few years together. I can’t say, that I have always been this interested in museums, but I have always enjoyed visiting them. Helsinki has so many museums and I feel like there is at the moment so many interesting exhibitions going on. But to be honest, even with the student discount it is not a very cheap hobby. A single visit can easily cost close to 15€, and even though I want to support culture, I just can’t afford to go several times a month to different exhibitions. Luckily there is nowadays a solution to this – museum card!


I can easily say, that this yellow card is the best purchase I have made this year. I paid 64,90€ for a 12-month subscription, and I can visit 230 different museums around Finland as many times I want. The only limitation is, that you can’t visit the same museum more than once a day. But camoon, why would I need to visit the same place twice a day? If single museum ticket cost 10 to 15 euros, the card has paid itself back after five-six visits. I keep wondering how they can keep the price to low, and same time I am happy that the price is kept accessible. If the card would cost example 200€ I don’t think I would have bought it that easily.



This is also a super nice gift idea, and we example bought this card for my brother last Christmas. I personally like to give more experiences than goods to people around me, and always try to think something we could do together. This card gives joy for a full year with little money, so win-win situation from my opinion. And it is not only art museums you can visit with it, there is so much more! I do believe that everyone can enjoy with this, and maybe even try something new they would not normally go and see. Or what you think about this concept?



// Tämän vuoden paras ostos on ehdottomasti ollut museokortti!

52 weeks in Helsinki – Week 4 Talvipuutarha

I told Tuesday, that I am going to Tallinn for three days. Spending some quality time with my grandmother was exactly what I would have needed now. Instead I got the stupid flu, and had to stay home. Like usual, the situation makes me sad, but same time I have tried to find something good from it. I finally have some time for slow cooked food (who anyway has energy to cook when they are sick) and reading a book, which has been waiting untouched since Christmas. And to be honest, it is nice to be sick when you actually have time for that. I hate missing work and school, so better get better now, and then be over with this.



These photos I took already few weeks a go, when I visited Helsinki Winter garden first time. It was part of my 52 weeks in Helsinki “project”, and I actually visited the winter garden with a new friend, so a lot new happening that day! The place is perfect when the weather is bad, and it felt like a paradise for those few hours we spend there. There is actually another botanical garden in Helsinki, so maybe I should plan a visit there also, as I haven´t been there in years. Do you like these kind of places?














Hope you are having a better week than me with this flu. Now back to the sofa with hot cup of tea!

52 weeks in Helsinki – week 6

I absolutely LOVE Helsinki, and I am super happy to call Helsinki my home. I moved to Helsinki first time last summer, and just when I started to enjoy the city and get exited about everything amazing there is, I moved to the Netherlands. So when I moved back to Finland, it was clear to me, that Helsinki is where I want to stay for now. Because Helsinki offers so many nice things, and I don´t want to miss most of it with my crazy timetables, I decided, that in order to experience Helsinki as many ways as possible, I will do every week something new in Helsinki. And from there the idea was born: 52 weeks in Helsinki.


My original plan was to start sharing every week what is the new thing I have done, but like I told you last week, the timetable has not been very favorable for blogging. However, I think it is better to start now than never, so we are jumping to week 6 (last week) and probably I am sharing some of the things I did the weeks before, as I have been carrying my camera with me all the time lately. And what are the new things I am planning to experience in Helsinki? Well, it can a museum, bar, shop, park, event, cafe, activity or basically anything I have not experience before. I have a long list already, and it is getting longer every week, as I spot new interesting things around me.



Last week I ended up doing actually two new things; visiting Bar no. 9 (food is delicious, go there!), and walking on the frozen Baltic sea. I took the tram from my home to Arabianranta, and for few hours just walked around on the frozen sea, made some photos and enjoyed the silence. It is funny how you can be so close to the city, and same time feel so far away. The winter in Helsinki is truly amazing, as the Baltic sea is frozen in many parts, and you can take a walk on the ice. It is possible in many different parts of Helsinki, but just be careful and don´t walk on the ice if you are not 100% sure it to be safe. If you don´t see anyone else there, maybe better choose another spot.



I arrived to Arabianranta just before the sunset, and the view from the sea to the city was so beautiful. From Arabianranta you can easily walk to Lammassaari and experience the beautiful duckboards. In the winter it has its own magic, but the duckboards are my favorite in the summer time.




I hope the winter weather could stay just a little longer, and I could go again for a walk on the frozen sea. There was a lot people enjoying the sunny afternoon last week, and especially people with dogs seems to enjoy the extra walking area the sea is offering now. I even managed to play a little paparazzi when one lady was making photos of her super cute doggie. I wish I could have a dog also, but my allergies are not thinking the same sadly.


Have you been walking on the frozen sea? And do you have any Helsinki tips for me?