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Mysterious Moses Bridge


During our stay in The Netherlands, we made so many travelling plans with Lady A, that it is not a surprise in the end, that we could not visit them all. We should have been travelling several days a week to see everything. I am especially sad about all the beautiful castles we didn’t see in the end, but at least now we have many reasons to go back. I had actually made relatively little planning beforehand, and there was only one place I had decided to visit. And that place was mysterious Moses Bridge.



One cold Sunday morning we took a train with Lady A to Bergen op Zoom, and continued our journey with a bus to Halsteren. From the bus stop, we had to walk about 15 to 20 minutes, before arriving at Fort de Roovere. And there it was, Moses Bridge. Middle of nowhere, kind of hiding and surrounded by silence and peace. So simple, yet so miraculous.



Moses Bridge is work of RI&AD Architecten, and designed to blend in with the outlines of the landscape. This makes the bridge kind of invisible from many directions, as the water comes all they way to the edges. You get the feeling you are walking middle of parted water. The sunken bridge is made from sustainable Accoya wood which is reducing environmental impact but still is high in performance. I always like this kind of solutions and find it interesting to read details after visiting interesting places.




As you can see from the photos, the weather was amazing the day we visited the bridge. It was little chilly, but the sun was shining and luckily we had enough clothes with us. I can imagine that the bridge is attracting most of the visitors during the summer season, as it is an outdoor activity. And for this reason, it was actually kind of perfect time to go there, as there were only a few others visiting the bridge same time. To be honest, it is not that easy to reach this place with public transportation, so I am not sure how many tourists, in the end, visits the place. There is not too much more to see than the bridge, and I think most of the people were locals doing their Sunday walk.


Moses bridge


Even though it took us a lot more time to travel to this place than we ended up spending time there, I am extremely happy we did it. It was fascinating and I could have just enjoyed the silence there and gaze the frozen water. I understand the design of the bridge, but same time I keep wondering why the water does not flow over the edges. Or maybe sometimes it does? How cool it would be to see the bridge when it is raining?






The forest around was by the way so beautiful as everything was little frosty. I love the fact, that spring is here and summer is coming, but nature is SO beautiful when there is soft frost everywhere. And who wouldn’t love those soft tones also?





Lady A. thank you for the trip, will always remember it!



Details of this adventure

Moses Bridge – Fort de Roovere
Schansbaan 8 / Halsteren 4661, The Netherlands

Accessable with car and public transportatio

Money well spend – museum card

This year I have visited already more museums in Helsinki than in the past few years together. I can’t say, that I have always been this interested in museums, but I have always enjoyed visiting them. Helsinki has so many museums and I feel like there is at the moment so many interesting exhibitions going on. But to be honest, even with the student discount it is not a very cheap hobby. A single visit can easily cost close to 15€, and even though I want to support culture, I just can’t afford to go several times a month to different exhibitions. Luckily there is nowadays a solution to this – museum card!


I can easily say, that this yellow card is the best purchase I have made this year. I paid 64,90€ for a 12-month subscription, and I can visit 230 different museums around Finland as many times I want. The only limitation is, that you can’t visit the same museum more than once a day. But camoon, why would I need to visit the same place twice a day? If single museum ticket cost 10 to 15 euros, the card has paid itself back after five-six visits. I keep wondering how they can keep the price to low, and same time I am happy that the price is kept accessible. If the card would cost example 200€ I don’t think I would have bought it that easily.



This is also a super nice gift idea, and we example bought this card for my brother last Christmas. I personally like to give more experiences than goods to people around me, and always try to think something we could do together. This card gives joy for a full year with little money, so win-win situation from my opinion. And it is not only art museums you can visit with it, there is so much more! I do believe that everyone can enjoy with this, and maybe even try something new they would not normally go and see. Or what you think about this concept?



// Tämän vuoden paras ostos on ehdottomasti ollut museokortti!

Sometimes we need to get lost, to be found

These photos I took one gloomy afternoon in Scheveningen. People said to me it is crazy to go to the beach in December. What would you do there when it is so cold? What there is to see? But for exactly those reasons I needed to go there. I needed to get away from everything and everyone. To get lost.



I believe, that sometimes we need to get lost to be found. That day on that beach I spoke with nobody. There were only a few people wondering around, maybe lost also? It was kind of magical, to be there, middle of silence. And even though at some points, it was scary how much space there was for thinking, I felt more relaxed than in a long time.  It may sound corny, but for me, it was eye-opening, and I realised so many things that day. Without further words, I want to courage you to unplug for a moment and get lost. Who knows what you will find?