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View from the top

These photos have been waiting in the draft box since last summer, and I thought today is finally perfect day to share these, as tomorrow I am heading to Tallinn. It has been way too long time since I have been there, and I am SO exited to see my grandmother after a long time. I absolutely love traveling and will definitely also take every opportunity there is to live abroad, but it is always hard to be far from your loved ones. Especially grandparents, as they are not anymore able to travel, so they cannot visit you when you are living far.

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With these photos I am taking you back to sunny day in Tallinn last summer. Tallinn is like a home for me, and even I have been there so many times, I still keep finding places I have not visited before. And that is something that makes the city so interesting – you never get bored there! Last summer I visited Tallinn few times, and the first time in my life I climbing to the tower of St. Olaf`s church where these photos have been taken. The view from 60 meter was breath taking, and will sure visit the tower again one day.

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St. Olaf’s church is the biggest medieval structure in Tallinn and I have always been told that in a clear weather you can see all the way to Helsinki from the top. Not so sure it is true, but who knows! The tower is almost 124 m high, but before you can see the amazing view, you need to climb 232 steps. And I can tell you, that tower is old, and not too much space in that tower, so if you have any signs of claustrophobia, this is not your place to be!

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This time I will be in Tallinn for three days, and the plan is to have no plans. I am taking camera with me, and I have few ideas where to go exploring, but let´s see. Like said, I have not seen my granny after last summer, so I want to spend time with her. But remember to follow me in Instagram, I´ll be posting to my story!

TBT: F-Hoone restaurant in Tallinn

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How is it possible that it is Thursday again? The time is flying so fast and I cannot believe that in few days I will stop working and move to Netherlands. I am super exited, but I have so much to do that it almost seems impossible to do everything before going. But instead  of stressing about everything, let`s enjoy another TBT and go back to Tallinn once again. I have one must go restaurant there, and I don`t want anyone to miss it, so today I am taking you back to amazing (perhaps also iconic?) F-hoone restaurant.

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The past years in Tallinn there has been a lot renovation going on around the city, and many old factories and other buildings  have been transformed into super trendy restaurants, shops, art galleries and other kind of cool places. One of these areas is Kalamaja area in Tallinn, which has now been popular already for few years. It is filled with small restaurants, trendy hotels, cafeterias, shops, events  and everything between. I remember that area very well from the past, as my grandfather was working on that area for many years in a sock factory. I have also spend numerous food shopping trips there with my grandparents, as one popular food market was located there. So for me it is truly amazing to see, how the area is changed, and get new life.

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Between Kalmaja district, city center and Pelgulinn there is probably one of the most popular new area called Telliskivi Loomelinnak. There you can find studios of local designers, small shops, pop up -shops, restaurants, bakeries, out door flee -market in the summer  and a lot more. And here, in Telliskivi there is “iconic” F-hoone restaurant. The restaurant has been super popular ever since it was opened among locals and tourists. I visit this restaurant every time I am in Tallinn, as the quality-price combination is best in town. At least in my opinion. The menu changes often enough, and every time there is amazing option made from local, fresh ingredients. And now few examples of what have we been eating there.

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The starter plates for two are just amazing. This one in the upper picture is from last summer, and this year it was totally different.

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The selection of bruschettas is AMAZINGLY delicious. Last year it looked like in the picture above, and this summer it has been with green olive tapenade, roasted aubergine, walnut cream and coriander, roast beef and creamed porcine mushrooms and  bell pepper and goat cheese.

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I like how they follow also “trends” and last summer they offered naked furgers, so burgers without the bread. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that many were avoiding carbs that time, so it was nice option for those. And I have to say, it was fulfilling enough even without the bread.

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This is the started plate from this summer. I felt it was more build around cheese this time, and even though it is planned for two, it was just enough for three also.

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Vegetarian options are good in F-hoone, and I have to say this quinoa salad with falafels has been one of my favorite dishes I have tasted this summer.

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Last year furger (F-hoone burger) was served with this amazing “white” bread, and last time I visited it was served with dark bread.

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They have selection of foods made in grill also, and the grill is actually located outside in a small separated building. Which by the way has nice architecture also. Try example Chicken shashlik, it is amazing!

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You can also go to F-hoone for drinks, breakfast, cafe and cake or for lunch / dinner with bigger group. Just try to remember, that this restaurant really is one of the most popular once in Tallinn, so if you go there example Saturday lunch time, you may have to wait for some time. And the price level is really something I keep wondering every time. Last time we were 3 persons and we ordered beer, starter plate and three main dishes which totally cost us little more than 40€, so basically nothing! And I always compare the prices to Helsinki, so I know we would never be able to eat that good with that price.

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The interior is so nice, and I like how they have put together so many different elements. And it actually works really well when all the chairs and tables are little different, and bringing the feeling of old days.

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They do take reservations, so that is a good thing to do especially if you know advanced you are going there in a special time or with a bigger group. So then you won`t end up waiting in line, and get table for sure.

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I hope you have already tested this restaurant, but if not, please do it next time you are in Tallinn.

And as I cannot be creating recipes too much this autumn in my temporary home in Netherlands, I decided that I will be posting restaurant and cafeteria adventures this autumn from around Europe instead. I will mark in the end the price level with coin bags in the end, and also I will be giving carrots (instead of starts) to each restaurant. And why did this restaurant get 4 and not 5 carrots? Well simply because the service sometimes is slow due to the popularity, so this is not a place to eat if you are in hurry.



Details of this restaurant adventure

Telliskivi 60, Tallinn / Estonia

Open: Mon-Sat 09.00-00.00, Sun 09.00-22.00


History and art

I planned to write about August today; how a lot will change in my life the upcoming weeks, how there starts to be a turn from summer to autumn and how much I am waiting my big move (not counting, but 23 days left). Instead I decided that summer is not over, there is still a lot fun things to do before I go, and many of you have holiday still going on. So I will share another travel tip from Tallinn, hope you like art and history!

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What I like in Tallinn a lot is how widely you can see history there. The old town is  like a trip to medieval northern Europe, as the origins of the city is told to date back to the 13th century. But when you travel few kilometers away from the center of the old town you end up in a totally different place. In this place it feels like you would be walking in a imperial residence with Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in the beginning of 18th century. Kadriorg Palace is small Roman Baroque style tsars` palace in the beautiful Kadriorg Park, and the palace now a days is the home of Kadriorg Art Museum. The art museum is the only museum in Estonia devoted to foreign art with permanent and visiting exhibitions.

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I have visited the Kadriorg park numerous times in my life, as there is so much to see and do. I remember taking the tram to the park with my grandparents almost every summer when I was small and we were walking under the oak trees. In the park there is absolutely beautiful Swan Pond (how many wedding photos I have seen taken there?), the beautiful palace and its garden, the promenade leading to the presiden`s palace and his palace of course, as well as many other museums such as KUMU (the Estonian Art Museum). You can walk for hours in the park and it`s different parts, or you can just give a small visit and walk through it all the way to the seafront and visit the bronze monument Russalka Memorial. Either way, this is a must see place in Tallinn.

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We made a small visit to the art museum this time, enjoying the amazing combination of art and history. The permanent exhibition is nice, and at the moment there is exhibition Love. Motifs in Art from the 16th to the Early 20th Century until 21.08.2016, which I especially liked.

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How amazing is the decoration in the great hall of the palace?I could just stay hours there and look all the details. The stucco decorations in the main hall has Catherine’s initials.

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Two things I could take to my home straight away – white grand piano and huge fireplace.

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The main hall has a large ceiling painting illustrating the myth of Diana and Actaeon.

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I am not a big fun of colors, but I have to say that the bright blue walls were fantastic background for art.

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I could imagine a wedding or other party in the main hall. Isn’t it beautiful?

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The visiting exhibition Love is going on still few weeks. I especially liked how they described in in the text below; love is even stronger than death.

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The garden in front of the palace is actually super nice, I just run out of battery and this is the only photo I had time to take from it. So I guess you just have to go and check it out yourself. And you can take tram, the old looking one from the center to the park, easy I would say!

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From art and history, I will now continue to work for the evening. I wish we all will have a lovely August, summer is not over yet!



Details of this travel tip

Kadriorg palace // Kadrioru loss               August Weizenbergi tänav 37, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn                                       Opening hours vary, check it out here