The most interesting restaurant concept in Breda – JAN en AIIEMAN

Always when I see a movie and the characters seem to eat only out, and never cook (in their perfectly beautiful and HUGE kitchen), I keep wondering why. Why you don`t want to cook? And most of all, how you can have enough money to eat out all the time? Well, apparently not everyone loves cooking as much as I do, which is again something I just cannot understand. But if we forget that for a while, I believe that the more common reason for eating out more often is the prices. Why do I think this? Well, in Finland the price level for eating out is ridiculous when compared to many other countries. I could never afford to eat out in Finland so many times a week as I am doing right now. So I have been slowly turning into one of those movie characters who eat out, and the kitchen just stays untouched. Ok, it has also little to do with the fact that my kitchen at the moment is not huge, beautiful or any way tempting.

As I strongly believe that everything good turns into even better when you share it, I have decided that you also deserve to know all the cool places I am testing out. This is also a way to compensate little the sad fact, that I cannot share new recipes right now.  So today I am sharing with you the most interesting restaurant concept I have found so far in Breda – JAN en AIIEMAN.

JAN en ALLEMAN is a restaurant located in the centre of Breda, not far from Grote Markt (that is the main square in the city centre). So it has a nice location, but there is something that makes it not only interesting but also an amazing concept in so many ways. The restaurant, first of all, looks super nice, as you can see from the million photos I added to this post. I just could not choose between all the amazing details, so I wanted to share as much as possible. And the best part on the interior? Everything you see, you can also buy! Yeas, every chair, table and detail has a price tag on them. So if you end up sitting in your dream chair, just buy it after you have finished your lunch.

But what makes the restaurant really special is the people who work there, and the service they will give you. The team is made from young adults who have intellectual disabilities. For these young boys and girls, the restaurant is offering a place to gain working experience, have daily activities and participate in the society. The service is really sincere and the good mood of the employees really catches you.

Sounds amazing already? Well, let`s add one more thing, the food! In the restaurant, all food from mayonnaise to cakes and soups are prepared by the chefs in the restaurant. So only fresh and delicious food is served. What else can one ask? Well nice prices of course, and as you can guess, the restaurant is also offering that to you. I had a sup of the day, which by the way was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, and I paid 5.25€.  And every Friday they offer a three-course menu with € 16.95, which is an insanely nice price. Anne when can we go and test it out?

Loving the fact, that they have not painted the walls but left them looking edgy.

Soup of the day was delicious even though it doe’s not looked special. This was Thai clam soup with coconut. And why it was especially good, was the amount of coconut. You know sometimes the taste of coconut can me way too much, but this surely had perfect balance.

Hope September has treated you well so far, let`s enjoy the early autumn!

St. Janstraat 22, Breda // Netherlands

Opening hours vary, check here


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